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magnesv's Journal

Magnes V
9 January
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Man, I just finished writing all of that stuff in those interests, but then I remembered that my best friend Joana says that interests don't necessarily explain who a person is, they just give you a good starting point. So, lemme see, explaining myself... I like to pursue artistic endeavours, and also I learned that endeavour is the British way of spelling things, even though I'm American, but I'm used to spelling it that way now. I'm currently trying to find a good place to study for the A+ exam, since I don't want to blow a bunch of money on it before I'm properly prepared. And after that I'll probably go to an art school.

I'm currently in the middle of phasing my wardrobe out from jeans and t-shirts to more semi-formal wear. Like, I'm going for 11th Doctor meets 7th Doctor meets The Riddler who all fell into an episode of Smallville or something, but this will take a while. Teenaged me had poor taste in everything, so I figure I should dress to my tastes (My current taste in clothing is probably terrible, but I've gotta take a shot at it some time).

I would like to buy a piano because I believe I should learn to play a musical instrument, or I'll repair my late grandfather's acoustic guitar, which ever comes first. I don't like one particular type of music, but not because I'm an "I like everything" person, it's just that I don't necessarily judge music based purely on genre. I'm convinced that every genre has a lot of crap, but also a lot of good stuff too, so every era and every genre will inevitably have something worth listening to, no matter how bad I may initially think it is.

I don't think I'm properly explaining who I am, I suppose I can only really give an idea. So far I think I sound like a complete hipster, which is gross, but I think it's good that I tried my best to explain who I am.

Though I guess I'll add some (not so) quick bullet point facts (In no particular order):

1. I am terrified of mollusks, especially slugs and snails. I got a bucket of them dumped on me when I was a kid, then I stripped to my underwear and ran into the house. My first encounter was even younger than that, when I rubbed a wet stone outside someone's house, and realized the thing I was rubbing was actually a huge slug.

2. I am suspicious of the feline motive, but don't necessarily mind cats, as my mother once had up to 49 of them (But we only have 2 now).

3. I like dogs. (But that's not a bad thing)

4. Someone in an online tabletop sent me a Complete Dumbass of the Year Award for my behavior when I was eighteen.

5. I used to have a stove phobia because they have gas in them and I figured they might explode, but I've gradually gotten over that phobia. But if a stove does something strange I usually rush into the next room and get behind a wall.

6. I tend to watch a lot of horror and exploitation movies, it's a thing I got into as a kid, but I by no means limit myself to those. I saw Human Centipede and thought it was pretty screwed up but still rather tame by exploitation standards. Then I watched Human Centipede 2 and wondered why the hell anyone in their right minds would make that movie (I'm not sure if this means the sequel is better or worse).

7. My best friend is Joana. She lives in Portugal and I've known her for about 7 or so years. She's pretty awesome and artistic. This is her DA: http://yaeka.deviantart.com/

8. I am currently considering an experiment in which honey is swirled with Nutella to create a super spread/dip.

9. I hold a great deal of value in honesty and openness. I don't like people to feel as if they can't say something to me, or worry about offending me simply because they have a particular thought or belief, or else we can't particularly call ourselves friends.

10. I have a Twitter account if anyone wants to know the kind of things I regularly think. Well, my thoughts are somewhat filtered in a public forum like that, but it's still a good idea: https://twitter.com/#!/MagnesV

The reason I list all comics in my book field is because I haven't really read a book that truly captured my interest for the whole thing. I read quite a lot of Moby Dick until I realized that it was, in fact, rather poorly written. Interestingly, it got a lot of bad reviews when it was originally released. I'm convinced it's the Halloween III of classical literature. For all intents and purposes, we really should hate it, but for some reason a lot of people have come to enjoy it.
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